Honeywell range of home, office and car air purifiers

100% Ozone Free

Patented Filteration Technology

Radic8 Provide 100% non-toxic fresh air for you

A Complete Solution for indoor Air pollution

We Protects your family from Indoor Air Pollution

Breathing Clean air is your right

Radic8 design and create world leading air purification technology

Purification + Sterilisation

The World's Best Air Purification Technologies

Our Pasion , We share Clean Air

India's First 100% Organic and BIODEGRADABLE Bags

Saving the World with EnviGreen!

In creating a world free from Plastic

so that we can all enjoy a cleaner, healthier planet together

100% Biodegradable & Eco-friendly EG Bags

Our bags softens in water & dissolves in hot water

We are the market leaders of LED lighting

New Generation of LED Lamps

Made of Stainless steel

Spread's light all around

Introducing a new SOLAR LED lamp

Charging through Light Source

Charging through Electricity

12W | Ideal for indian condition

Introducing a new EMERGENCY LED lamp

Lamp automatically charges when it is switched on

backup of 4-5 hrs

9W | charging time : 4 -5 hrs

India’s most energy efficient fan

Consuming just 28W at full speed

Save up to ₹ 2000/year by changing 1 fan

3 Year On site warranty

We’re looking at 65% electricity saving potential!

We are looking at you (and your energy-hogging fans)

Smart Remote Control with Sleep and Timer Mode

No Humming Noise and Heating

Bhoomi eco pencils are made from 100% recycled paper

Made by paper rolling method keep lead at center

No Breakage while sharpening

No trees were cut down to make these pencils

Axpera Advantage

We provide premium quality products with large sales and service network. We have  complete solution to your environmental hazards.

Our Quality

We never compromise with our quality. We are providing  NASA powered  PCO technology products and India’s first 100% Organic and Bio-degradable bags, that make us unique  in the market

Our Mission

Our vision and mission is to make a fresh and clean nature through our eco friendly products.

Who We are ?

We have a vision to create a clean and healthy green living for our customers. To achieve this , We connect world-class Companies across a spectrum of industries to distribute eco friendly products to our customers.

Honeywell Air Touch

Honeywell’s innovative technologies are making our world cleaner and more sustainable, more secure, connected, energy efficient and productive.The unique difference in Honeywell air purifiers is the patented HiSiv technology. Powered with a honeycomb design and molecular sieves with activating agents, this technology adsorbs harmful gases, without taking away much needed moisture from the air. According to GB/T 18801 standard, it delivers formaldehyde purification efficiency >99% in a 30 cubic meter chamber. Experience the power of HiSivtechnology with Honeywell’s Air Touch range of air purifiers.

  • Indoor air can be up to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air.
  • Choose Honeywell for pure air. Choose peace of mind.

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Breathe Healthy Through Our Products

We care about air

Do you Know why our products are so important ?

  • Millions of people die every year due to air pollution
  • Air pollution is main cause of lungs cancer
  • Air pollution lowers IQ level of your kids
  • 68% of human disease are related to indoor air pollution.

Radic8 design and create world leading air purification technology. In partnership with INBair, our technology is helping thousands of commercial and domestic users worldwide.Patented technology advancements expressed as contemporary style.

We believe that everybody has the right to breathe clean air and we strive to equip people with the best technology available for them to take control of their indoor environments.

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LED Lighting

Our Lighting Products demonstrates how an everyday object can become a work of Art. At  EcoEarth we have fully embraced the possibility of LED lighting. It has taken hundreds of man hours and some of the brightest minds in the industry to design and develop a new range of lighting products that truly harnesses the technology. The products are designed and manufactured inhouse by the group companies with the idea to be cost effective and look aesthetically crafted. The result simply shines with beauty and Energy- bright light, streaming through aesthetic, energy efficient structures; products fabricated with deep conviction to

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Atomberg, India’s most energy efficient fan

We’re looking at 65% electricity saving potential! Save up to ₹ 2000/year by changing 1 fan*
Ceiling fans are one of the most widely used mediums of cooling in tropical countries like India. Old ceiling fans are undoubtedly one of the most Energy-guzzling appliances in your surroundings. The entire range of ceiling fans from Atomberg is equipped with India’s Most Energy Efficient Motor which will cut down your power consumption up to 65%. All the fans come with a smart remote which comes with convenience features like Timer, Sleep and Boost Mode. The range of ceiling fans includes premium and simple looking fans which are available in various sizes and colors.

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Introducing the World's first oxygen purifier

INBair O2 is the world’s most portable, lightweight and stylish oxygen purifier. Increased oxygen gives you the boost you need to tackle a busy life.
Important: The INBair O2 is not a medical oxygen concentrator and should not be purchased by anyone needing oxygen for medical conditions.
In today’s urban society we spend 90% of our time indoors, breathing out carbon dioxide and competing for oxygen. The InBairO2 provide a simple solution:  a lightweight designer oxygen purifier created for modern lifestyle.

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Pencils are made from 100% recycled paper

Bhoomi eco pencils are made from 100% recycled paper. Our pencils are safe to environment and biodegradable in nature. We source paper that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Bhoomi eco pencils are made from 2b leads and are extra dark. We use paper rolling method with toxin-free glue. This process keeps lead at center and provides good grip and prevents from breaking. Our pencils are smooth in writing than average wooden pencils. We pledge to be completely eco-friendly and use biodegradable packing box to pack our pencils.

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100% Organic and Bio-degradable Bags

The world’s annual consumption of plastic materials has increased from around 5 million tons in the 1950s to nearly 100 million tones today. EnviGreen’s mission is to replace plastic used in day to day use with a sustainable eco-friendly alternative. Organic bags contains no conventional plastic and non-toxic to the environment, animals and plants. Envigreen is not just a brand, it is a Green Technology.  Envigreen’s products are made from natural starch, vegetable oil derivatives and vegetable waste.Our bags are made from natural starch & vegetable oil derivatives which makes it a true organic product.

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