Why Choose Us?

Envigreen Biotech India Private Ltd produces India’s first 100% biodegradable substitute to plastics. Envigreen is not just a brand, it is a Green Technology. Envigreen’s products are made from natural starch, vegetable oil derivatives and vegetable waste. These products are non-toxic to the environment, animals and plants. Evergreen contains no conventional plastics at all.

Envigreen is on a mission to make the world plastic free and you can join us as a distributor to reach our goals. With Operations in the Middle East and South-East Asian countries, Envigreen operates from its corporate office in Bengaluru with global ambitions.

What poison does to our body, plastic does the same to our planet.
Get involved! Together we’re strong to vanish the plastics and make this world a Green Heaven. Let’s use 100% Biodegradable, 100% Eco-friendly products in our day-to-day life.The dream of a Green Future is not so far away.
Introducing a new method to solve the packaging and wrapping needs, without plastic. EnviGreen products play the role of a plastic bag, without any of its ill-effects. Being 100% biodegradable & Eco-friendly, EG Bags pave a path to a Green Future.

Our Products

Envigreen products can be used in all walks of life and can be a 100 percent substitute to plastic.
We also arrange for customised products as per the requirement.


Bin liners

Carry bags

Laundry Bag

Packaging Films

Trash Bag

Sachet Packs

Wrapping Covers

Tested and Certified

Tested By Karnataka State Pollution Control Board

Certified By Shriram Institute for Industrial Research

Certified By Karnataka State Pollution Control Board

Certified By Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology